Mobile Voices - test post

As part of my research on Norwegian phone culture, I hope to include interviews with users in public spaces. To present these findings in a digestible way, I plan to create a weekly "what are they saying" type of document. Below is a test to get the formatting and style right for this part of my research.

Mobile Voices
Question of the Week: "How often do you send text messages?"

Big Bird Lars Miles Gomez
Television Actor Manager Stay-At-Home Pup
"Text message starts with 't'. Teeeeeeee" "Um, I don't know. I guess like ten a week." "I just send emails on my iphone."


Mobile Learning Spaces

This is an exciting time! In a month, I'll be off to Oslo, Norway to begin my Fulbright experience. My stated goal is to "study Norwegian children’s mobile phone interactions in public spaces in order to discover and design learning opportunities." I'm especially interested in exploring how mobile phones can create face to face learning interactions in museums. This project will be based at the InterMedia research center at the University of Oslo. I also plan to receive guidance from social anthropologists at the Norwegian telephone company, Telenor.

I'm sure my goal will change, and the project will probably go in many different directions. The important thing is that the grant now seems pretty official because my picture has been posted on the Fulbright website:
Current Fulbright Grantees .