Wii Project(or) Play

This is a quick video I made playing with the concept of a "mobile smartboard" using a wii controller. This technology was shown to me by a colleague here at InterMedia. Information about setting up your own can be found here , (and here for a mac computer).
I generally feel uncomfortable with a design process that forces a particular technology into a solution or concept. However, I think that in this case, the potential affordances of mobile projectors (and mobile smartboards) are worth investigating in the museum setting. A major limitation to mobile phone-based learning in museums is that the screen size is quite small, as is the keypad. I think that there may be interesting possibilities for enhancing visitor collaborations and interactions with exhibits through the above technology.

-- Rolf Steier


  1. Very cool, Rolf! Can't wait to see you at the seminar next week.

  2. I blogged you, Buddy. :)