IADIS Mobile Learning 2009 - Conference Slides

Here are the long-overdue slides from my presentation at the IADIS MOBILE LEARNING 2009 Conference. These are just the images, so if anyone knows how to embed my notes along with the slides, please let me know. In the presentation, I used an optical illusion exhibit from the Exploratorium in San Francisco as a metaphor for the relationships between physical museum space, social learning interactions, and mobile phones. I would be happy to email out a copy of the full paper as well, if anyone is interested.

-- Rolf Steier


Digital Field Guide

This article describes a pretty cool mobile application that helps users identify tree species based on pictures of leaves. I actually saw Sean White, a designer of this application, speak at the 2007 Mobile Persuasive conference, so it's nice to see the project continue development. It is easy to imagine how these types of applications can transform outdoor public spaces into richer learning environments.

- Rolf